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Our Active Members



2016 Officers   Board of Directors   Fire Auxiliary Officers
Chief - Jeffery Murray Richard Ellis   President - Marie Paolini
Assistant Chief - Mike Strawn   Jeff Frey   Vice Pres - Bonnie Conklin
Captain - Jeff Frey   Jeff Kram   Secretary - Dot Hagenbuch
Lieutenant - Jeff Kram   William Murray   Treasurer - Tina Mcauliffe
Lieutenant - Mike Mireski   Don Warner    
Lieutenant - John Paolini       Fire Auxiliary Trustees
Lieutenant - Greg Walsh   Fire Police   Jim Howey
President - Bill Murray   Alan Maskell - Captain   Gladys Reed
Vice President - John Paolini   Tim Brinkley   Marilyn Wharen
Treasurer - Jacqueline Warner   Dot Hagenbuch    
Secretary - Keith Wild   Don Hockman, Sr.   Webmaster
    Tom Lamontange   Mike Mattes (E-mail: info@wtfireco.com)
  Mike Mattes    
Active Members   Liz Walsh   Lifetime Members
Liz Baker     Donald Bachman
Patrick Bambary   Jr and Probationary   William Carver Jr.
Kyle Garis   Caleb Larsen   Charles Claus
Don Hockman   William Murray, Jr.   Richard Ellis
Josh Murray    Tyler Smith   Buck Frankenfield
Jim Paolini    Andrew Stetler   Tim Frankenfield
Calep Repsher       Howard Frey
Tod Rissmiller       Eugene Hagenbach
Christopher Rivera       Robert Mease
Rich Rutan       Dale Murray
Mike Smith       Jess Murray
Brandon Wagner       John Murray
Mike Wagner       William Murray
Richard Weaver       John Paolini
Josh Whitehead       Harry Purcell
Keith Wild       Les Race
Leroy Williams       Paul Reed
      Paul Reinheimer
        Butch Strawn
        Don Warner

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